Skriv automates your project management using artificial intelligence

Our engagement

We are a team on a human scale, close to you, 100% dedicated to meet your needs.
Our goal is to create the most useful project management software. The one that will save you time and productivity. The perfect balance between effective features and ease of use.

Why choose Skriv

Skriv adapts to you, your team, your process. It is the only tool that automates assignments and detects problems on projects in a predictive way.
While being really easy to use, it offers the right features, the ones your team really needs, while knowing how to be discreet.

For what uses

IT development, product creation, marketing projects, customer relations, event management or business process management ...
Skriv manages all types of projects, all types of workflows.
Use your process, your realization steps, your user roles, your terminology.

The features you need

Automatic assignments Let Skriv do it

Skriv knows how you work.
It assigns projects to the right people, when they have to work on them.

One glance roadmap report Global and accurate at the same time

With Skriv, we immediately know where it's going well and where it's stuck. Make informed decisions.

Artificial Intelligence Detect problems before they occur

Skriv analyzes the comments written on the projects, to detect the warning signs of a risk.

Solutions for all teams

Software development

Product creation

Marketing Teams

Event agencies

HR teams

Support & IT

What our users say

Customer Testimonails

Assignment automation made the whole team more productive on a daily basis.

Adeline K. Product Owner, Ooreka
Customer Testimonails

I use Skriv everyday, I appreciate the clarity of its interface and its customization options.

Arnaud R. Technical expert, CNAM
Customer Testimonails

Skriv represents the perfect combination of unique features and a seamless interface.

Mohand B. CTO, Kreezalid
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