Solutions for event agencies

Imagine your events
Coordinate all stakeholders
Supervise a smooth run

Join your team

Work together

In order to organize an event, you need to gather a variety of skills.

Having one place of exchange and follow-up is easier for everyone.
Everyone knows where to get the information.

Make your plan of action

A good organization

Each role is important, and each person must know what to do, without asking questions.

The strength of Skriv is that it is based on your process: you define the stages of realization of your event projects, and who must take care of them.

Manage without stress

It's automated

Do you have dozens, if not hundreds, of speakers?
Let Skriv handle the assignments for you.

You save time, you do a high level follow up.

Focus on value-added tasks.

More events, Less problems

Real results

During certain periods, you have to manage a large number of events for a variety of clients.

Skriv helps you to manage them smoothly, in a unique and ergonomic interface.

Really efficient

We have data

Teams that have moved from a classic task manager to Skriv have all become more productive.

On average, they delivered between 1.5 and 2 times more projects each month.

It's concrete.

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as it should be:
based on your workflow

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