The project management software that makes you more efficient and your team more productive

Skriv automates project management
It handles assignments for you, you keep control
Track your projects efficiently and accurately
Focus on your added value

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Automatic assignment

Skriv knows how you work, and what steps are your projects going through. It also knows who are your team members and what roles are they playing.

Then Skriv assigns project tasks to the right person at the right time.

Automatic reverse planning

Depending of a project's template and deadline, Skriv compute the intermediate deadlines of the activated steps. You are warned if some of them are overdue.

You'll see how it's easier to communicate when it's clear for everybody that a deadline is not sustainable.

One glance roadmap report

Project management software are often looking like a space shuttle's dashboard. It's nearly impossible to get a instant view of what is going on.

Skriv's roadmap report is at the same time a high-level picture (which projects are on track, which ones are late) and a precise view of projects progress.

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