Solutions for Support & IT

Manage your computer park
Follow support requests
Increase satisfaction

Centralize requests

A single point of entry

The multiplication of interlocutors and tools is never a guarantee of efficiency or stability.

For all requests, offer a one-stop shop for creating support tickets.

In Skriv, intelligent user rights management provides a very simple interface.

Manage your computer park

A collaborative repository

The management of a computer park requires a great deal of rigor, since small differences can be transformed into significant costs.

Whether it's servers, workstations, or telephony, you can define your tracking workflow in Skriv.

And whatever the size of your team, work collaboratively on your repository.

Deploy your applications

Where and when it's needed

Whether your infrastructure spans just a few workstations or spans multiple datacenters, deploying applications can be tricky.

With Skriv, you can improve your process and enable you to accurately track your deployments.

Deliver more often and faster your applications, iteratively and agilely.

Non-computer support

Useful for all uses

Skriv knows how to adapt to all needs, all uses.

You can define your process and use your terminology.
It is the software that adapts to you and not the other way around.

Manage support requests, whatever they are. Customer support, commercial support, operations, tenders...

Really efficient

We have data

Teams that have moved from a classic task manager to Skriv have all become more productive.

On average, they delivered between 1.5 and 2 times more projects each month.

It's concrete.

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as it should be:
based on your workflow

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