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Project Management
as it should be:
based on your workflow

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Workflow Management

Skriv knows how you work

This is Skriv's super power, which allows it to automate actions that are usually done by hand.

Automatic assignment

Say no to repetitive actions

Knowing how you work, Skriv assigns projects to the right people when they need to work on them.

One glance roadmap report

A view global and accurate at the same time? Yes it is!

With Skriv, we immediately know the status of current projects. Make decisions knowing exactly where things are going and where they are stuck.

Automatic reverse planning

No more projects that are late even before their creation

When you create a project, Skriv calculates intermediate deadlines for all steps. If some are already late, they appear in red. It's simple and obvious for everyone.

A really easy-to-use software

It knows how to be forgotten

You will spend on Skriv only useful time; you will never hesitate between many similar options, you will not be misled by an unclear interface.

Useful notifications

Skriv warns you when it's necessary

Skriv only sends you notification emails when you need to work on a project. No need to disturb you unnecessarily.

And to help team monitoring, Skriv can push notifications to a Slack channel. Stay tuned!

Adapted to your terminology

The tool must fit you, not the other way round

Do you manage projects, user stories, construction sites or guitars? And their value, it is expressed in days, dollars or complexity points?

You can tell Skriv what is your terminology. So everything will be much more natural.

Suitable for all devices

Always available

Computer, tablet or phone, Skriv adapts to your device.
All features are accessible at any time.

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, Project Management
as it should be
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